"Hauntingly exquisite music,
hand-made magic and everyday miracles"

First mention, Festival Internacional de Teatro Clasico, Almagro 2017

Twelfth Night

Adapted by Kelly Hunter and Tom Chapman

“Hamlet and Twelfth Night were written at the same time – believed to have been written in the same year and it seemed to me that Shakespeare had used Twelfth Night to pull himself out of the “cave of Hamlet”. The same themes; madness, grief, trauma, losing a loved one, being in love are present but whereas in Hamlet there is a drowning in Twelfth Night characters are sav…

Around the time that I was creating Twelfth Night I attended the reading of Primo Levi’s ‘If this is a man’ at the South Bank Centre to commemorate the 70th anniversary of his book and lo and behold chapter 9 of this book is called ‘The Drowned and the Saved’. As I sat listening to this masterpiece, something exploded in my heart and my soul – here was a profound articulation of everything I was trying to explore as I moved away from three years of my own ‘Hamlet cave’ and here I understood that the drowning of Ophelia becomes the saving of Viola”.

Kelly Hunter MBE 

Where we have been

The production premiered at the Festival International de Teatro Clasico Almagro in 2017 and has since performed at:
Martin Sorescu National Theatre studio International Shakespeare Festival Craiova Romania. April 2018
Teatrul Nottara, Bucharest Romania. April 2108
Bonnington Square Square Gardens, Open Garden Square Weekend London. June 2018
Neuss Globe Shakespeare Festival June 2018
Minerva Theatre Chichester. January 2019


Tom Chapman Malvolio
Finlay Cormack Maria
Oliver Grant Orsino
Paul Gorostidi - Sebastian/Sir Andrew
Paula Rodriguez - Viola
Augustina Seymour - Olivia/Sir Toby
Joshua Sneesby - Antonio
Tom Chapman - Orsino
Finlay Cormack - Maria
Paul Gorostidi - Sebastian/Sir Andrew
Richard Leeming - Malvolio
Bathsheba Piepe - Olivia/Sir Toby
Paula Rodriguez - Viola
Joshua Sneesby - Antonio
R&D Cast 2017
Aretha Ayeh
Tom Chapman
Finlay Cormack
Edward Harrison
Joshua James
Francesca Zoutewelle

Kelly Hunter

Tom Chapman

Lighting Designer
Jenny Roxburgh

Company Stage Managers
Carmel Macaree and Alys Woodhead

Producer for Spring 2018
Emma Groome