A Midsummer Night’s Dream Online

For people with autism and their families

We performed four times a day for autistic individuals across the spectrum, across all ages and across the world. With one participant taking part per show, we adapt each performance to their sensory needs so that by the end of the hour we have fallen into a deep dream world exploring eyes, ears, hands and hearts, culminating in singing their name, saying ‘We are awake”.
Recent research by the National Autistic Society shows that autistic people are “seven times more likely to be chronically lonely and six times more likely to report low life satisfaction than the general public during the pandemic”. Our shows directly alleviate this isolation.

“There is something so pure about this endeavour
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A Younger Theatre

Performances of A Midsummer Night’s Dream Online for autistic individuals and their families.

The show is experienced through sensory games, musical, funny and physical; each game creating a different dream, shared between actors and participants.

Through our dream games we share the eyes of Titania, the ears of Bottom, the hands of Puck and the hearts of the lovers.

If one of the Dreams is particularly enjoyable we will play there as long as you like.

To finish we ask ourselves ‘Are we awake? ” singing the participant’s name and touching fingertips with those near us.