International Projects

Our work with people with autism is based on the conversation of the body and soul as inspired by Shakespeare. We will travel anywhere in the world to share our work, offering one off workshops and long term collaborative projects, passing on the Hunter Heartbeat method to actors, therapists, parents and teachers. Flute is committed to travelling as widely across the world as possible, offering our work where the need is greatest and crossing all language barriers.

August 2019, Kelly introducing the Hunter Heartbeat method to Japan at Waseda University, Tokyo

A Report on Hunter Heatbeat Method Workshop at the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University (Japanese)

Autumn 2019, Playing with children with autism from Alpha Fundacja at Centrum Lublin Poland

Our international workshops have included:

Waseda University, Tokyo Japan
Notre Dame University, South Bend US
Teatrul Gong, Sibiu Romania
Gavleborg Folkteatern, Sweden
Bibou Festival Helsingborg, Sweden
Big Wind Theatre Company Gothenburg, Sweden
Metis, Katowice Poland
Alpha Fundacja, Lublin Poland
Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio US

Hunter Heartbeat. An interview at Metis, Katowice, Poland

In 2019 we collaborated with Folkteatern Gavleborg in Sweden to create Shakespeare’s Hjärtslag – based on Pericles. This production was part of the Scen:se project.