This webinar is an opportunity to hear about and discuss the Hunter Heartbeat Method with its creator Kelly Hunter MBE. In particular, Kelly will discuss how Flute Theatre have adapted, created and delivered their performances from real space to virtual space in response to COVID-19. 

Feedback from a webinar with Sydney Centre for Creative Change, October 1st 2020:

“I found the presentation informative and interesting. The use of video clips of ‘live sessions’ was particularly helpful.”

“Thank you for fantastic professional interactive presentation.”

“Great presentation. Clear and enjoyable. Breakout session though short was great. Everyone was friendly.”

“Absolutely loved the session with Kelly Hunter today – she is truly inspirational to my work and I feel like I gained so much more insight and confidence in my own practice by being part of this webnar! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I missed a few of the video sections that she shared but feel like that was my connection and not yours so was fine once i joined via my phone. I know it has been recorded so I’m looking forward to catching up on what I missed in those videos when that recording comes out. Thank you again.”

“Excellent webinar, I thoroughly enjoyed gaining new and creative thinking, Kelly is a fabulous presenter. Thank you so much for providing access to this.”

“That was a fantastic experience. Thank you for hosting Kelly.”

Feedback from recent webinar with De Paul university, Chicago USA:

“Kelly Hunter’s work imbued me with hope for the future of theater, and the accessibility of the theater industry as a whole. Watching her give people with autism their own literacy for Shakespeare and therefore watching them tap into a deeper emotional intuition inside themselves was not only beautiful and profound, but piercing on a human to human level. That is what theater is all about.”

Adelaide Leonard

“My experience at Kelly Hunters workshop was an experience in incredible inspiration and engagement during a time where I am desperately seeking ways to light my creative fire. She is full of love and light as are all the Hunter Heartbeat actors, their energy is infectious, and their work is so important!”

Abigail Hendricks

Kelly is the Artistic Director of Flute Theatre, for whom she has created Hamlet, Twelfth Night, The Tempest for children with autism, A Midsummer Night’s Dream for young people with autism and their families and Pericles for people with autism. Flute’s productions tour internationally and Kelly travels with the shows, additionally giving lectures and seminars about her pioneering work. She is the creator of The Hunter Heartbeat Method, a series of sensory drama games for young people with autism and their families. This methodology was the basis of a longitudinal study at Ohio State University 2011-2015 and is currently being researched by Professor Antonia Hamilton at the neuroscience lab at University College London.

Kelly is an award winning actor, she has performed with the RSC, Royal National Theatre, English Touring Theatre and Vesturport, Iceland.

She is the author of two books, Shakespeare’s Heartbeat, drama games for children with autism published by Routledge and Cracking Shakespeare; A hands-on guide for actors and directors published by Bloomsbury.

“The Covid-19 crisis has changed everything I do; since March 2020 I’ve worked every day adapting my games to be played online without losing the drama, the impact and the love. Just as Pericles reaches across oceans to find his family, we’ve stretched ourselves to keep contact with our community of autistic individuals and in doing so we’ve created a whole new way of telling this story that we can now share with the world, one family at a time. The story of Pericles is one of hope in the face of adversity; our performances offer families who feel marginalised and locked away a place to combat their isolation, express their feelings and shine their inner lights as brightly as they are able.”

Kelly Hunter MBE