Pericles Online

For people with autism and their families

“We had 30 performances of Perciles Online as part of a residency at St John’s College Brighton. Each performance was unique to the individual and catered for their specific needs and communication style. The learners responded with great enthusiasm; enjoying the interaction and engagement with the actors, and joining in with play, singing, listening, sound, language, emotion and movement opportunities. It was a welcome break from the restrictions that had been imposed on them during lock-down, which had seen many of their freedoms curtailed and was resulting passive and withdrawn behaviours. in The learners connected extremely well with the online format, and were quickly immersed into the world of ‘faces’. It was a great privilege for each learner to have a bespoke one-to-one session, where actors could perform directly to them and make them feel valued and special. Some were offered a second opportunity to do the performance, and they all accepted enthusiastically. I felt that most would have benefited from repeating the experience at least one more time to build familiarity and develop skills . As is always the case with Flute Performances, there were some learners who demonstrated creativity and interaction that as teachers, we have never seen before. It’s like they have been unlocked and given permission to express themselves in a truly authentic way. All learners engaged and found an aspect of the performance that appealed to their sensory preferences, whether that was listening to beautiful voices singing their name, enjoying the feedback from the physical movement, or embodying character and emotion.”

Joanne Horsley. Teacher St Johns College




In summer 2020 we made 90 performances. This autumn we will continue.

Each performance is for one autistic individual and their family. Neurotypical siblings and all family members are welcome.

We will Zoom to you wherever you are in the word, and adapt the show to your needs.

The performance will last up to an hour. There are no age limits for participation.

You can also take part at school with up to three autistic individuals.

The journey is designed as a fairground, each game a ride offering different sensory experiences. If you enjoy a particular ride you can stay for as long as you like.

The experience takes us through a wild tango, a stormy shipwreck and a miraculous resurrection with games of pirates, kings, magicians and fishermen.

As we come to a close, we celebrate the autistic individual in a unique way, as they hear their name sung by us in a beautiful harmonies.

When it is finished, there is no rush to leave. You will be given photographic memories of your time with us, and a chance to chat with all the actors, as we all take our time to transition our of the experience.