November Newsletter

“This week we celebrated our 100th performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream Online. We’ve been performing our adapted work for one autistic individual at a time, responding to Covid-19 since March 2020. We are continuing with A Midsummer Night’s Dream Online until December 12th performing in the UK, Barcelona and Peru.

Our work takes us into a world where Covid-19 is hitting hardest, where vulnerable young people with autism do not understand why they need to be alone and isolated. The confusion is palpable and has a detrimental effect on everyone. Our work directly alleviates these stresses.

We receive no core funding, relying on grants and donations to continue our ground-breaking work. Our adapted productions will continue online next year so we can keep supporting the most vulnerable families at risk through the pandemic.

I’m acutely aware that everyone has been financially affected by Covid-19, any donation you can make, however small, is hugely appreciated.”

-Kelly Hunter MBE-