Adam is a 32 year old man with high impact autism living in Chicago, Illinois. Lockdown has been especially difficult for him as seeing family is his favourite activity in the world. Recently, he has taken part in Hunter Heartbeat games and shows which have opened up a new world for him. He looked forward to seeing the Flute Actors making heartbeats and singing his name and especially enjoyed partaking in a production of Pericles with his brother Ben helping him. Normally Adam can only stay with an activity for 2-3 minutes, but he participated in the whole hour long show!

-Ben, Adam’s brother-

There’s nothing like a sibling.
It’s a love that knows no bounds
The care they give is a different type
One forged with love, freedom and fun.

With a sibling you can run away from
Targets, expectations, pressures and rules
You can escape to worlds only known by you
And return home safe when the play is done.

It’s a bond that is tied tight and hard
And designed to last a lifetime, maybe more
Long after those that made the ropes are gone
This knot will hold its shape; everlastingly.

There’s nothing like a sibling
It’s a love that knows no bounds
The depth of love and thanks we have
Is always felt, even if not always spoke.

-Joshua Welch, Actor-