Being able to bring this work to Peru has been incredible and something I think we all thought was probably impossible, especially during a global pandemic. The magnitude of what we’ve been able to share together still hasn’t quite sunk in yet!

Having joined the company a year ago, I only participated in a day of in person workshops pre pandemic and so I have had a unique perspective of experiencing the work predominantly online. It’s been remarkable to watch first hand how a lot of the participants that had previously worked with the company in a physical space have been able to adapt online using zoom.

Initially I thought maybe the success of this was because the participants already had a degree of familiarity with the company however it was evident during the first few shows in Peru that what makes this work special is that it transcends barriers such as language and technology. What made the work feel so natural in Peru was that the families of the participants had so much trust and belief in us and the show. Without the love and connection that we all shared, this work wouldn’t have the same impact.

In fact the main difficulties we faced were mainly related to the internet being sticky, however we seem to have more issues with that in the UK than we had in Peru.

-Natasha Haward, Actor-

We have had the privilege of playing with Ariana a couple of times, firstly in December when we began the project in Peru and again in February. Just the fact that zoom has allowed us to reach families that even in non covid times we wouldn’t be able to work within person, has been an incredible feat in itself.

Ariana was great fun to work with, she has high sensory needs and so we adapted the show accordingly. She grasped the work straight away and really lived inside the games.

This became really noticeable the second time we played with her as she had already embodied a lot of the sounds and movements. In particular, the game with Dimitrius & Helena where Dimitrius says “No, no, NO!”, Ariana immediately jumped in shaking her finger!

Ariana took the whole experience in her stride which made delivering the show online and in Spanish feel surprisingly natural.

-Natasha Haward, Actor-

“Comprendo la importancia de conocer las diferencias que hay entre personas con TEA (o síndrome de Down) y personas neurotípicas, para entender y trabajar en nuestras dificultades comunes, pero es hermoso y revelador enfrentarnos a la diversidad congnitiva como si estuviéramos frente a un espejo para descubrir todo aquello en lo que somos iguales. El proyecto que has construido, Kelly, es hermoso también por eso. Un espejo. He aprendido mucho de ti durante estos días.”

“I understand the importance of knowing the differences between people with ASD (or Down Syndrome) and neurotypical people, to understand and work on our shared difficulties, but it is beautiful and revealing to face cognitive diversity as if we were in front of a mirror and to discover that in everything we are equal. Kelly, the project you’ve built is beautiful for this. A mirror. I have learned a lot from you during these days.”

-Chela de Ferrari, Artistic Director La Plaza Theatre-