It’s always such a treat when someone books the show for themselves as you’re full of anticipation and intrigue as to how they found out about it, whether or not they’ll enjoy it, do they know what they’re signing up for? I don’t know if Buddy quite knew the journey he was going to take but he got straight on the boat and rode the waves of Pericles with us all aboard!
Like with most interactive experiences, it can take little while to warm into it, especially when only 5 minutes in you’re fleeing a tyrannus King before being fished out of the ocean by a Northern fisherman – not your average Saturday afternoon. However, Buddy was just brilliant, he never got off the boat in fact he rowed deeper and deeper into play. So much so that when we reached the peak of the storm, where Thaisia (Josh) is tragically taken by the waves, Buddy gasped & instinctively jumped into the role of Pericles and reached out his hands to try and save her before she spun away into the storm.
Every moment with Buddy was so exciting, like dipping your hand into a bag of Tangfastics, you’re not sure what you’re going to get but you know it’s going to be great and with Buddy I found myself eagerly awaiting his reaction to every twist and turn.
There’s something so fascinating about watching a show back where you get to see the audience’s instant reaction to what’s happening, in this case Buddy, who was much more of an actor than an audience member and by the end of the play he was bringing down the sails and steering us safely to shore. I really hope we get to set sail with Buddy again soon.

-Natasha Haward, Actor – 


I clearly remember the time we played with Buddy.  He just came in, all prepared and ready for the online show. During the trance game, he closed his eyes while Holly was singing his name. The beautiful smile he had on his face while hearing his name was the purest thing I ever saw. I almost teared up. He made me realise the power of the work that Flute theatre does and how it changes lives. He made me feel excited about just being alive and enjoying little things like listening to another person.

-Mohit Mathur, Actor-