Caspin has taught me so much about how important sound is in this work, and how the experience of noise impacts a person on the autistic spectrum. From working with Caspin both in the room and over Zoom, a lot of his experience seems to centre around sound; certain sounds or noise levels can trigger moments of over stimulation. The sensory overload aspect of autism is one which impacts many of the people we work with in a variety of ways, and sessions with Caspin have illustrated for me the importance of total flexibility within our work. Each performance must adapt and fit around the individual we work with, rather than remaining fixed as a stationary end goal. The work has to come to the person, rather than bringing the person to the work.

With Caspin, it has been an experience of observing the signs of his mood day to day, and making adjustments accordingly – paying particular attention to sounds. This has been especially interesting on Zoom, because of the increased focus and precision we are afforded through using a camera and a microphone. Over the last few weeks I feel like we have seen massive progress, and a very real sense of comfort and security for him within the work. A feeling of this becoming a safe space, where he is free to play the games and to stretch himself. The most beautiful moments to witness are the moments when his smile breaks through, and he makes the decision to lean over to play the games with his Mum, without needing encouragement.

It’s always such a privilege to be able to do repeat sessions with a person, and to be present to witness their progress over an extended period of time. I feel like the time we have been granted with Caspin has allowed us to become more attuned to him. To learn more about the right sounds to make, or the right volume to speak at. And to slowly earn his trust and familiarity.

-Oliver McLellan, Actor-

3 rd lockdown has been the most difficult for us but Kelly and the amazing actors at Flute, have helped us through it and it actually has been a time of such improvement for my autistic son in both concentration and participation. Seeing them and watching how they work and tailor make everything around him is amazing and I can’t thank them enough. They brighten our days.

Sarah Scott-Brown, Caspin’s mother