St John’s School reminds me of a Pirate ship. It could be the view of the horizon from the decking, it could be the sound of the seagulls, or the smell of sea air as you climb the massive hill to step on board, but more than all this, it’s the crew, the band of brothers and sisters that you find there. The hearty mates that greet you at every sun-filled corner of the Good Ship St John’s make you feel like you’ve ran away from home, stowed away, pulled the anchor and set sail on the next massive adventure.  That is true whether we are there in person or peeking through the porthole of Zoom. Together we’ve battled the rough seas of the pandemic, charted unknown waters, enjoyed the stillness of the storm easing, braced ourselves as the wind changed, and the adventure continues still. I can’t wait to see where we land next, a new island, maybe?  Let’s see, but I couldn’t dream of better friends to discover the new world with than the crew of St John’s School.

-Joshua Welch, Actor-



The lessons Giles taught me, by Joshua Welch:

1.Just go with it. Throw yourself into life. The show is in person? The show is On-line? Who cares? Let’s see what happens.
2.Always be inventive. Always be creative.
3.Sometimes it’s more fun to sit back and see another person flourish doing the thing you love.