Lila is a force of nature and playing with Lila has reawakened what it means to do this work for all of us. We have never met Lila in the real space, and she is a great example of something we have gained during the pandemic. We would never have met her if it wasn’t for coronavirus. The thing that is so beautiful about the way Lila plays is that she gives herself up completely to the feelings in each game, like a conduit of Shakespearean emotion, and presents our show back to us with a tidal wave of commitment and joy. As an actor, she has taught me so much, and most greatly, she has reminded me always to stay in the moment and let the power of feeling live in me and express itself through me to its highest and purest degree. Lila plays with a gorgeous sense of freedom and watching Lila play makes me work on exactly the same thing for myself, both as an actor and in the rest of my life.

-Holly Musgrave, Actor-