Playing with Luke was an absolute delight. We speak a lot about energy in space and how our participants can be great givers of energy to us as well as us to them and with Luke this was certainly the case. Even over a screen, in a pandemic, Luke brought so much playfulness and ecstasy to his performance that it was impossible not to catch it ourselves. It was so contagious. Honestly, Luke was so at home with us, testing the games with us, making suggestions, a true member of our team. I cannot wait to play with Luke again!

-Holly Musgrave, Actor-

Luke first joined us for our show of Pericles back in June last year and it became immediately evident that he is a true performer and an incredible singer. We knew then that this would not be the last time we would see him, in fact you can now find him on our, ‘Who we are’ page, as Luke played an integral part in the online adaptation of Flute’s Midsummer Night’s Dream in English & Spanish!

Playing with Luke really taught me that just because we’re on zoom in our bedrooms doesn’t mean we have to play it small, in fact let’s just do the opposite. Embarking on the journey of Pericles, Luke arrived full of energy and charisma and held it right to the end. It really is the greatest joy when you play with someone who is having as much fun as you are. His energy reverberated through the technological waves and zapped us all! I think Luke’s performance really encouraged me to be my biggest and most playful self- and boy that voice! Thank you Luke and I can’t wait to play again with you soon! 

-Natasha Haward, Actor-