Pedro was an absolute blast to play with. He has an amazingly charismatic character and loves to perform which really shone throughout the times we played with him. His comic timing was also on point!

Performing the show with Pedro made you want to give the best performance of your life, because he was. He gave absolutely everything, sang to the hills and gave so much personality to both shows that there was no way you could possibly give any less. Both Pedro and his father (also called Pedro) opened their hearts to us and to the work which taught me to not be afraid to open mine. It really was such an honour to play with Pedro and I can’t wait to return again.

-Natasha Haward, Actor-

“Comprendo la importancia de conocer las diferencias que hay entre personas con TEA (o síndrome de Down) y personas neurotípicas, para entender y trabajar en nuestras dificultades comunes, pero es hermoso y revelador enfrentarnos a la diversidad congnitiva como si estuviéramos frente a un espejo para descubrir todo aquello en lo que somos iguales. El proyecto que has construido, Kelly, es hermoso también por eso. Un espejo. He aprendido mucho de ti durante estos días.”

“I understand the importance of knowing the differences between people with ASD (or Down Syndrome) and neurotypical people, to understand and work on our shared difficulties, but it is beautiful and revealing to face cognitive diversity as if we were in front of a mirror and to discover that in everything we are equal. Kelly, the project you’ve built is beautiful for this. A mirror. I have learned a lot from you during these days.”

-Chela de Ferrari, Artistic Director La Plaza Theatre-