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A Younger Theatre ★★★★★


Adapted by Kelly Hunter MBE




We presented our Pericles in two unique ways over one performance to include all possible audiences. Our first presentation marked the International premiere of Kelly Hunter’s new adaptation of the play, performed by our company in Flute’s signature style: the bodies, voices and souls of the actors rising to the challenges of Shakespeare’s great tempestuous journey.


After the first performance, we presented our renowned production of Pericles for autistic individuals and their families.


For autistic individuals and refugee families

Adapted by Kelly Hunter MBE

“Flute Theatre is unique”
The Guardian ★★★★★


This show was developed in 2019 by Kelly Hunter in Sweden for the Scen:se project. Twelve autistic individuals are invited to become the participants for each performance, sitting with six actors in a circle on the floor around a painted floor cloth, which represents the journey of Pericles. The participants’ families sit just behind them. The actors invite the participants to join them as the story unfolds through sensory games, which the participants and actors play together. The show has been performed in real space and online in English, Polish, Romanian, Catalan, Spanish and Swedish.

“I went to see my now big boy perform Shakespeare’s ‘Pericles, Prince of Tyre’ with the Flute Theatre group last night. How they managed to keep 12 autistic young adults & an audience of family, friends & the wider community engaged is an astounding achievement.

These beautiful young people with autism were simply wonderful, bringing so many emotions to all of us with their brilliant performances.

 We cried and we laughed so much that tears came rolling down our cheeks.

Families with children on the autism spectrum rarely (never!) go to the theatre, certainly not to ‘highbrow’ theatre like the RSC for fear of how their young person will respond; (noisy, anxious) or more typically fear of other people’s response, I mean it’s hard enough just walking along the road never mind being in a theatre!

The Flute Theatre are consciously and actively challenging this and supporting autism towards increased inclusion.

I’m so pleased and proud of our boy, Luke, who is very profoundly autistic; non verbal and struggles to stay focussed. I’m so pleased that he wasn’t ‘left out’ as is usually the case, as the more able young people with autism, the more accessible ‘face of autism’ are included- yep there’s even a hierarchy in disability… even within accessing disability groups! I’m so pleased I fought hard for Luke’s place at his college so he gets to be included, celebrated and championed.”

Parent, St. John’s College Brighton

Our third production for people with autism offers a deeper experience of music, love, loss and joy than we have dared give our audiences before.

Flute’s Pericles at Centrum Kultural Lublin 2019. A film by Pawel Gregorowicz:


Scen:se Pericles 2019 Wonderful memories from our beginnings in Sweden:


Where we have been

Riksteatern, Sweden 2019
Strathmore School, Richmond UK, Oct 2019
Galeria Katowice, Katowice Poland. Oct 2019
Centrum Kultury, Lublin Poland with Fundacja Alpha. Oct 2019
Teatrul Gong, Festival Tanar de Sibiu, Romania. Nov 2019
Bush Theatre Attic space, London. January 4th 2020

We were performing Pericles when COVID hit. We adapted and performed it to be accessible online. Click HERE.

Riverside Studios, London UK. Oct 2021
Wolfson Theatre, St. John’s College, Brighton UK. Nov 2021
Riverside Studios, London UK. Feb 2022

Original Cast

Alistair Hoyle
Oliver Mclellan
Holly Musgrave
Paula Rodríguez
Hephzibah Roe
Joshua Welch

Kelly Hunter

Company stage manager
Heather Cooper

Assistant Director
Oscar Fabres

Polish Translation
Aneta Mancewicz

Rehearsals London 2019