Dear friends,

We are supporting Professor Nataliya Torkut in Ukraine, who is Head of the Ukranian Shakespeare Centre.

She is appealing to you with a request for your help. At the moment, she is in charge of a campaign supporting the Ukrainian people who are fighting to protect the civilian population of her country.

Please help today by transferring funds to Professor Torkut’s personal bank account. The details are below. No donation is too small.

Volunteer diaries 
by Nataliya Torkut

March 1st 2022
Professor Torkut’s son has enrolled in the army. He has sent her a list of items that are urgently needed at the front lines.

March 2nd 2022
Nataliya has already received our first donations and has started buying the necessary supplies to send to the front lines.

 March 3rd 2022
She has been very busy today buying, packing and dispatching things for the children’s hospital in Kharkiv.

March 6th 2022
The campaign has raised approx 4345Euros so far. Nataliya has managed to buy supplies and send 3 vans to Kharkiv to help the children hospital, the territorial defense and the army. The supplies sent included medicines, tools, warm clothes, and food (including baby food). Kharkiv is very badly hit by Russian missiles.

March 8th 2022
Please listen here to Andrew Smith’s podcast featuring Nataliya Torkut, Darya Lazarenko, Michael Dobson and Kelly Hunter.

On 8 March they established contacts with a wonderful Ukrainian house, thanks to which they collected over 15 boxes of supplies as well as the necessary food. This cargo will be handed over to the volunteers helping the territorial defense.

Also on this day, the models of delivering goods to the city were worked out. Their gratitude goes to Ukrainian Shakespeare scholar Hanna Blondel and Konstyantyn Vasyliev.

March 9th 2022
Dasha wants to thank Ternopil Logistic Centre, whose volunteers helped them collect a humanitarian shipment on 9 March. They also want to thank this unique organization, which works very smoothly, quickly and effectively, and those wonderful volunteers who treated them and their cause so warmly.
This humanitarian cargo included medicines as well as hygiene items, basic necessities and food, which were delivered to the volunteers’ centre. A huge thank you to the volunteers who helped with the logistics.
In addition, the money raised through donations was used to purchase and send life-saving medicines for Ukrainian scholars, who send their sincere thanks to their colleagues from all over the world!
Dasha would also like to thank Ksenia Raldugina, who helped to arrange the transportation of the cargo with the truck!
Attached below you will find a photo of professor Nataliia Torkut with a bouquet, which was presented to her by the drivers who work as volunteers. How nice that even in such anxious and hard times these men found the time and energy for this beautiful gesture! May their roads always be safe!

March 10th 2022
On 10 March their team attended an excellently organised and very useful first aid training.

Together we have raised 4887 usd, 24023 uah, and 3456 euro. This is a huge sum! Nataliya has managed to buy a lot of medical supplies in Ternopil and send them to Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia. I am so happy that people I know and love, my teachers and colleagues are getting help and support on site.

March 16th – 17th 2022
Over these two days a lot has been accomplished.
They collected, packed and loaded humanitarian aid for Zaporizhzhia:

1) medicines for their colleagues in Zaporizhzhia, bought for the money raised worldwide;
2) five bags of nappies of various sizes for the volunteer hub of the ZNU;
3) food supplies for the army.
All of these were delivered to Zaporizhzhia and quickly unloaded.
They never tire of thanking all those who care for their cause and keep helping them in all possible and impossible ways!

March 17th 2022
Every day it becomes harder to keep in mind the specifics of what has been done, because when the curfew begins and you need to turn off the lights (which means that you can neither sort the medicines nor pack and sign boxes), you just fall apart and have no more energy for emotions, texts and even phone calls.

The air raid siren starts wailing again, I’ll try to summarize.
We got really lucky: we managed to obtain a mobile surgery table that can save lives under combat conditions. We sincerely thank Oleksandr Vavasov (USA) and two wonderful citizens of Ternopil (Oleksiy Novakivsky and Roman Didukh) for their generosity and help!
We owe a debt of gratitude to our brave volunteers from Kharkiv (Dmytro and Oleksandr), who delivered this table and other valuable medical equipment and boxes of medicines in their own cars. We hope that this delivery will make the work of the heroic doctors in the heroic city of Kharkiv easier!
We bow down before your efforts, dear friends, and we hope that your lives will be lightened up by the gratitude of families of those servicemen and women who, thanks to your help and the skills of our amazing doctors, will return home!

March 20th 2022
On March 19 a van was sent to Kharkiv region.

1. Oksana Gilyarivna and the whole Bunker-C team, thank you so much! Dozens of families in Valky have received diapers for their babies today. So both children and young mothers will be able to sleep at least a few nights, God willing.
2. Students living in dormitories 3 and 4 of Kharkiv National Pedagogical University received food donated by Ternopil National Pedagogical University. If you could see how zealously Ternopil students loaded the van with sacks of potatoes and boxes of sweets! Ivan Grygorovych kept adding new and new items to the list of needs, saying, “They are still children, they want sweets!” So the cookies were followed by apples, and then by condensed milk, honey and other sweet treats.
3. For the residents of Kharkiv, food, household chemicals and hygiene products were delivered to the well-known church of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (thanks to the above-mentioned TNPU), as well as medicines that we were able to buy with the money donated by our Shakespearean friends from around the world.
Very special thanks to our brave volunteer drivers, who delivered the supplies to Saltivka, a very dangerous place at the time.
We thank all the wonderful people both in Ukraine and outside of it who have joined our team by helping in all the ways you can, supporting our cause, donating money, spreading the word about our campaign, being caring and thoughtful friends who keep asking us: “How are you?”, “Are you safe?” and “How can I help?” You are all absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for being with us, for standing with Ukraine!

Professor Torkut promises to stay personally accountable for the funds raised and to upload a full report to her Facebook page. She will be immensely grateful for any amount sent to her and for spreading the word among those who can help.

I urge you to join Flute Theatre in showing solidarity, strength and kindness.

Kelly Hunter MBE
Artistic Director