'A unique theatrical experience'

The Guardian ★★★★

The Tempest

For people with autism and their families

Adapted by Kelly Hunter MBE

Next Performances

August 15th – 19th 2022
Riverside Studios, London

“It’s impossible for anyone not to feel a real tingle of joy. Flute Theatre is unique”
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

The Tempest was the first production for autistic individuals created by Flute Theatre in 2014 as a partnership with RSC and Ohio State University. Since then, it toured around the world including US, Spain and Japan. During the pandemic we adapted the production with Peruvian actors at Teatro La Plaza in Lima Peru to perform online with families marginalised through Covid-19 and poverty.

The Tempest was the first production created by Kelly Hunter to be based on the Hunter Heartbeat method. Fifteen people with autism become the participants for each performance, sitting with six actors in a circle around a painted floor cloth, which represents Prospero’s island. The children’s families sit just behind them. The actors invite the children to join them on the island as the story unfolds through sensory games, which the children and actors play together. The show has been performed in English, Spanish and Catalan.

Where we have been

The production was created and performed at the Courtyard Theatre, Stratford upon Avon as a co-production between the Royal Shakespeare Company and Ohio State University, July 2014 and has since performed at:

Wexner Centre Columbus Ohio US July 2014
Bloomsbury Theatre, Bloomsbury Festival October 2015
The Help Centre, Los Angeles US May 2016
Festival de Clasicos en Alcala de Henares June 2016
Festival of Love, Southbank Centre July 2016
Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond UK October 2016
Teatre Lliure, Barcelona with a Catalan version with actors from La Kompanyia and children and staff at Escuela Especial Monserrat Montera, March 2017
Riverside Studios, London April 2022
The Old Market Theatre, Brighton April 2022

“A joy to behold”  – Michael Walling, Border Crossings 2016

****  Groundbreaking Shakespeare  – The Guardian

The most unique Shakespeare production I’ve seen

A sight I thought I’d never see

First days with RSC actors and children of Welcombe Hills School 2010

The Tempest. Courtyard Theatre Stratford upon Avon 2014


Teatre LLiure March 26th 2017
Joan Armargos  - Caliban
Quim Avila - Ariel
Claudia Benito - Miranda
Raquel Ferri - Trinculo
Eduardo Lloveras  - Ferran
Andrea Ros - Eres
Joan Sole - Prospero
Julia Truyol - Stefano
Assistant Director  - Adan Llorca
Orange Tree Theatre October 2016
Finlay Cormack  - Ariel
Tricia Gannon  - Trinculo
Lowri Izzard  - Miranda
Joshua Jackson  - Caliban
Chris Macdonald  - Ferdinand/Stephano
Sifiso Mazibuko  - Prospero
Festival of Love, Southbank Centre 2016
Tas Emiabata  - Caliban
Tricia Gannon  - Trinculo
Chris Macdonald  - Ferdinand/Stephano
Sifiso Mazibuko  - Prospero
Eva Lily Tausig  - Miranda
Andrew Trimmer  - Ariel
Clasicos en Alcala Spain 2016
Jimmy Castro  - Prospero
David Soto Giganto  - Ferdinand/Trinculo
Greg Hicks  - Caliban
David Matillo  - Stephano
Aleix Mele  - Ariel
Sara Sanchez  - Miranda
Bloomsbury Festival 2015
Tricia Gannon  - Trinculo
Greg Hicks  - Caliban
Chris Macdonald  - Ferdinand/Stephano
Sifiso Mazibuko  - Prospero
Roslyn Paterson  - Ariel
Eva Lily Tausig  - Miranda
Original cast, Stratford upon Avon 2014
Columbus Ohio. 2014
LA Help Centre 2016
Greg Hicks  - Caliban
Chris Macdonald  - Ferdinand/Stephano
Kevin McClatchy  - Prospero
Mahmoud Osman  - Ariel
Robin Post  - Trinculo
Eva Lily Tausig  - Miranda

Kelly Hunter MBE

Anthony Lamble

Company Stage Manager
Paula Salmon

Original Casting Director
Annelie Powell