Lisha Aquino Rooney

Lisha Aquino Rooney is an artist, writer, and mother to two extraordinary sons, Enlai and Lumen. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and her Master of Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins. She is a governor at Queensmill School, a school for autistic children rated Outstanding in all aspects by Ofsted. She advocates for the rights of autistic individuals, particularly within the arts realm, and makes no secret of her staunch opposition to Applied Behavior Analysis. Lisha and her family participated in the ‘Changing the Face of Autism Research Together’ project – funded by the Wellcome Trust and the NIHR Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre – which brought together autistic individuals and scientists to share ideas and influence the research agenda. Lisha is co-founder and joint managing director of WhatDo, a family-owned autism-friendly social impact clothing brand raising awareness of autism and celebrating neurodiversity.

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