Professor Antonia Hamilton

Andrea HamiltonAntonia Hamilton is a Professor in Social Neuroscience and leader of the Social Neuroscience group at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (UCL).

Her career has ranged across domains, from computational motor control to neurodevelopmental disorders and cognitive neuroscience, bringing together a variety of methods to answer key questions in social neuroscience. This work has given new insights into human nonverbal social interaction such as imitation and gaze in people with and without autism, and was recognised with the Experimental Psychology Society prize lectureship for 2013. Her current research interests include how and why people imitate each other, how social skills differ in autism, and the neural mechanisms of social interaction. Using wearable motion tracking and brain imaging technology, her work with Flute Theatre explores how neuroscience can go outside the lab and be applied to help young people with autism.

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