"Flute Theatre is unique"

Lyn Gardner ★★★★★

Flute Theatre change the lives of autistic individuals and their families. 

We create and deliver groundbreaking productions of Shakespeare.

Our innovative productions of Shakespeare for autistic individuals and their families use the Hunter Heartbeat Method, a series of sensory drama games, which allow autistic individuals to share how it feels to be alive and celebrate their identity. Autistic individuals have created this award-winning methodology across the world, working with Artistic Director Kelly Hunter MBE over the last twenty years.

Our next performances of Pericles

Riverside Studios, Hammersmith

February 14th – 18th 2022

Booking will open soon


From March 2020 to July 2021 we have given  976 Online Performances for autistic individuals and their families in response to Covid-19.

We have performed in English, Spanish and Catalan across the UK, US, Peru, Spain and India.


We now have two distinct ways of sharing our performances with autistic individuals across the world.

We are continuing to run two long term Community Projects in the UK.

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Queensmill School, London

St Johns College, Brighton

We are continuing our international work online whilst the pandemic continues.

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Escola Especial Montserrat Montero, Granollers,Spain

Teatro La Plaza, Lima, Peru

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lives of autistic individuals around the world