Flute Theatre change the lives of autistic individuals and their families.

We create and deliver groundbreaking productions of Shakespeare.

Our innovative productions of Shakespeare for autistic individuals and their families use the Hunter Heartbeat Method, a series of sensory drama games, which allow autistic individuals to share how it feels to be alive and celebrate their identity. Autistic individuals have created this award-winning methodology across the world, working with Artistic Director Kelly Hunter MBE over the last twenty years.

Next Performances

August 15th – 19th 2022
Riverside Studios, London

It’s impossible for anyone not to feel a real tingle of joy. Flute Theatre is unique
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian


Pericles for Ukraine

We are giving direct support & hope to Ukrainian refugee families with our performances of Pericles.

BE THE FIRST to support our campaign. We will be travelling back to Sofia in the autumn to continue working with Ukrainian refugee families. Help us make it happen here EVERY LITTLE HELPS!

Flute Theatre change the lives of refugee families

and autistic individuals displaced by war.

“Ukrainian children began to work through psychological traumas with which they have been struggling since this terrible war started. Flute’s original therapy was carried out in the form of a play and allowed the children to participate in the activities which resembled fun adventures, leaving a positive impression on children of different ages” Lidiya, Ukrainain Teacher

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lives of autistic individuals around the world